RCA ANNOUNCES GENERAL CONFERENCE PLANS. RCA members are invited to register and attend conference which will be hosted in Eudora this year on Saturday, July 25. Those attending from over 50 miles away will be provided hotel accommodations on Friday night in Lake Village. Registrations and payment must be received by July 11. See link at bottom of page for registration form.

Please read our 2014 Annual Report


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Candace Williams, Executive Director
Ph: 870-714-0881
Email: williams@thenewrural.org

Lavina Grandon, President & Policy/Education Director
Ph: 870-365-6894
Email: grandon@thenewrural.org

Renee Carr, Chief Financial Officer
Ph:  870-615-2195
Fax:  866-824-9598
Email:  carr@thenewrural.org

Dorothy Singleton, Delta Regional Director
Ph: 870-718-3836
Email: mizdb50@aol.com

Tanya Broadnax, Southeast Arkansas Regional Director
Ph:  870-538-4051
Email: broadnax@thenewrural.org

Penny Harris, Southwest Arkansas Regional Director
Ph: 870-691-3043
Email: harris@thenewrural.org

Matt Grandon, North Central Arkansas Regional Director
Ph:  870-743-4825
Email: ozarkbyways@gmail.com