Candace Williams, Executive Director
Ph: 870-714-0881
Email: williams@thenewrural.org

Office Address
401 S. Scott St. Suite 5
Little Rock, AR 72201
Mailing Address
PO Box 3531
Little Rock, AR 72203

Lavina Grandon, Chairman of the Board
Ph: 870-365-6894
Email: grandon@thenewrural.org

Renee Carr, Chief Financial Officer
Ph:  870-615-2195
Fax:  866-824-9598
Email:  carr@thenewrural.org

Tanya Broadnax, Southeast Arkansas Regional Director
Ph:  870-538-4051
Email: broadnax@thenewrural.org

Penny Harris, Southwest Arkansas Regional Director
Ph: 870-691-3043
Email: harris@thenewrural.org

Matt Grandon, North Central Arkansas Regional Director
Ph:  870-743-4825
Email: ozarkbyways@gmail.com

Nick Cartwright,  Northeast Arkansas Regional Director
Ph: 501-837-0593
Email: cartwright@thenewrural.org

Lincoln Barnett, , Delta Regional Director
Ph: 901-395-3023