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Big Ideas

The following are ideas to benefit Delight that were shared in the 59 Community Surveys collected on September 8, 2008: A drop off place for recycling (with the Howard County Children’s Center); town beautification; paint up and fix up the[...]


Surveys are distributed at the Fun Run on Friday and Saturday and to area churches on Sunday. Drop boxes for responses are placed at Bank of Delight, McKnight Grocery, and Delight School. Seventy-nine responses are collected and tabulated by Carol[...]


Renee Carr, Executive Director of ACRE and the Delight Survey Committee meet to determine who, what, where to survey in order to obtain information for a community assessment. Committee members are Ed Jones, Scott Kelton, Connie Kelton, Rob Lee, Tammy[...]

Leslie submits application

A chapter application for Community Revitalization was submitted by Leslie to Rural Community Alliance in September that explains the rich history of Leslie and the need for revitalizing the town. Talitha Hardin and Sandy Knapp prepared an application and secured[...]

Application Submitted to ACRE

Delight submits an Application for Community Revitalization to ACRE. The application includes 22 letters of support including Pike County Quorum Court and Pike County Judge Don Baker, Delight Mayor Paul Lane, Justice of the Peace Edward Jones, Delight School Superintendent,[...]