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Town Meeting

7pm at Delight School Cafeteria – Town Meeting to present Community Assessment and introduce Resource Agencies. Focus Committees are established and volunteers recruited as committee members.[...]

Surveys Collected

Business surveys are collected and tabulated by Danny Eckert.[...]

Surveys Distributed to students

Student surveys are distributed to 118 Delight students. Surveys collected same day. Audubon Director of Education Mary Smith leads Delight students in a project to discover and document the natural resources of the area.[...]

Business Surveys Distributed

Southwest organizer, Danny Eckert, distributes business surveys to area businesses.[...]

Presentation made at City Council

Rural Community Alliance staff members Renee Carr, Lavina Grandon, and Dorothy Singleton made a presentation about Community Revitalization at the Eudora City Council meeting on September 8, 2008. A crowd of 60 community members attended to hear about the project.[...]