Revitalization Networks

Revitalization Networks

Delta Highways

Ozark Byways 2015

Preserving and sharing a rich culture and heritage…
Our Delta communities weave a rich tapestry with their stories and history. This network includes small communities in Drew, Desha, Ashley, and Chicot Counties plus Elaine in Phillips County where their stories are being shared through a folk theater group called Fish Hook Theater. Festivals in the Delta Highways region are another way of celebrating the culture and heritage of the area. RCA provides a website for each community as well as the Delta Highways website that promotes the region.

Collaborating rather than competing….
Ozark Byways is a regional network of 15 of RCA’s chapters in north central Arkansas. The network began working together in 2013 to cross-promote the communities through regional events such as an annual Ozark Byways Buy Days that takes place on the 4th weekend in September. An annual Ozark Byways magazine is published in the early spring that shares the stories from these interesting communities. Attractions, events, and a map of the region are featured on the Ozark Byways website. RCA has also designs and maintains a website for each community that did not have one.