Board Members

Board Members

Jason Hayes, Rickey Lambert, Lavina Grandon, Veronica Nelson, Justin Gunderman, Erma Brown

President – Lavina Grandon.  A retired teacher with 32 years of experience in rural schools, Lavina Grandon led the opposition to Governor Mike Huckabee’s effort in 2003 to consolidate all schools in Arkansas with under 1500 enrollment.  She lives in north central Arkansas where she coordinates a food pantry and helped form a school foundation. She serves on the board of Southern Echo and Rural Schools Collaborative.  Grandon is the founder of Rural Community Alliance and has been a board member since 2005.

Vice-President – Erma Brown of Stephens is retired from Ouachita County Administrator for Arkansas Department of Human Services. She holds a MS degree in Counseling. Currently she is the Region 13 School District Representative of the Arkansas School Boards Association and former member of the Stephens School Board. She has served on the Arkansas Child Abuse Prevention Board, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, as board member for the Camden Chamber of Commerce, and as president of the Women’s Crisis Center.

Secretary – Veronica Nelson is a resident of Star City and a former chapter leader for RCA.

Treasurer – Jason Hayes is a resident of Clinton where he serves as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of LEAD Arkansas and also operates a small business.

Member – Rickey Lambert is a resident of Waldo, Arkansas. He is a graduate of SAU Magnolia where he studied Computer Information Systems. He owns and operates his own business.

Member – Justin Gunderman is a resident of Plumerville and a student at Arkansas Tech University where he is a Political Science and Pre-law major.

Member – Jonnathan Ortiz is from Ola, Arkansas, a graduate of Dardanelle High School, and current student at Harding University.